July 20, 2010

Corner #2

We turned corner #1 the day we came home from the hospital (which seems like ages ago at this point), and this week I can confidently say that corner #2 is done and dusted. The real question, of course, is exactly which geometric figure we're working on navigating and how many corners it has. My best guess is that we're looking at a Myriagon (10,000 sided polygon) but only time will tell.

So, more about corner #2:

This week I finally began feeling like my real self again. The kind of person who can wake up, take a shower (1 child wheeled into the bathroom in the bassinet and 1 child staring mindlessly into the world of The Little Einsteins in the next room), get everyone dressed, drop child #1 off at school while nearly simultaneously feeding child #2 (if it weren't for car seat regulations I'd invest time in figuring out a way to feed while driving...), stop for coffee, run to the store for items A, B, and C that we seem to be running out of daily, and return home for child #2's next feeding to be completed mere moments before it's time to go pickup child #1 from school. All while singing a tune in the shower, enjoying the songs on the radio, and having the most brilliant conversation in the car about turtles and airplanes that you've ever heard ever.

Compare this with a week ago when toothpaste was accidentally applied as shampoo and I nearly drove off the road when attempting to both breath and make a left turn all at the same time and well, you'll start to understand what I mean when I say I'm now feeling like my real person. You know, one that can play hide-and-go-seek with one child and breastfeed the other while making phone calls for dinner reservations and booking holiday travel plans online.

Corner #2, it was nice to meet you. Onward and forward.

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