November 2, 2010

1 + 1 > 2

I don't know how parents of 3+ children do it. YOU'RE OUTNUMBERED! Please, do share your secrets because 2 has created quite the juggling act for us. I will give us some credit and admit that at least we seem to be keeping the balls in the air for now, but never without a few buckets of sweat threatening to barrel down our brows... You know the phrase "just by the hair of my chinny chin chin"? Well, we're exhausting those there hairs. We rarely notice how huge the presence of the juggling act is until we spend some time with our family in MN and are reminded how much simpler things can be with a few extra sets of hands to balance the balls. We just don't think about it much when it's just the 4 of us, because that's just how it is and we roll with it and everything eventually gets done. But man, when you get to enjoy the sweetness that is family for a few days the juggling act turns into 7 1-ton semis smashing in to your forehead upon return to the norm.

It's similar to when one of us is traveling for work and the other is left to tend to the kiddies solo. After a day or so I get into a grind and things run pretty smoothly, but then we're both around for the morning/evening routine for a while and get used to having 2 sets of hands and then WHAM one of us leaves and the other scurries to the back corner of the upstairs closet as fast as humanly possible. I suppose it's no revelation that when things are made easier for a while it makes the return to slightly more difficult a WHOLE LOT MORE DIFFICULT. Almost makes me want to just stay put in slightly-more-difficult land so as never to get comfortable on easy street.

Wait, nope. Easy street is welcome in our parts any time. In fact I'm going to put out a welcome sign with gigantic blinking arrows pointing towards our house right now just to make sure it doesn't get lost on it's next run through town.

On a completely unrelated note Leni had her 4 month check up and is now 13 pounds (25%) and 24.5 inches (50%). Her 6 month check up in December will be a combo check up/travel vaccines for her and travel vaccines for Ash.

Mom + 6 month old + 3 1/2 year old + lots of needles = Daddy had better have one outstanding bottle of wine waiting with dinner that night.

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Christine said...

Hey there,

It seems absurd that I haven't hooked up with you before as I live around the corner. The blogworld is a strange place, cyberspace is not the same thing as one's neighborhood. Have yet to try the Gunk Haus, but will give it a go one day. We expect to get a referral in spring for a baby girl. My blog:

Congrats on Leni's great update!