November 16, 2010

When I Was A Baby Did You Name Me Ashton?

I'm not sure where/when he started wondering this, but it's been a fairly common question for the last week or so. He's been quite concerned about confirming that we did in deed name him Ashton when he was a baby and seems quite relieved when I answer him "yes". He knows that his Ethiopia mommy gave him the name Wondemu, and he loves saying his whole name really loud 10 times in a row...ashtonwondemumcgregorashtonwondemumcgregor.... but for the time being the fact that we gave him a name when he was a baby seems to be on his "things to make sure of" list.

Other things on that list recently...

We're staying at an African/safari themed hotel in Disney World and many of the staff members are from Africa. Ash has been hugely annoyed when he asks where they're from and all they say is "Africa". He quickly follows that up with "But WHERE in Africa?". They quickly get over their surprised reaction and go in to detail about which country, what it's like, etc etc once they realize we are actually interested. Sort of sad that this comes as a surprise to them, that tourists in this area would actually be interested in an answer beyond just Africa.

Another thing he's been keen on making sure of has been his swimming abilities, namely the ability to jump in to the water as far and fast as he can for the sole purpose of soaking mommy. And I'm sure there are quite a few other items I could add to this list but unfortunately our hotel does not have wifi. Yes, you read that right. No wifi. In Disney World. We have to plug in using a 2 foot cord that remands me to the far corner of the room when accessing all things Internet. As I type this I still find it hard to believe, I mean way back in 2003 when we rode camels into the Sahara while visiting Morocco and slept in small tents in the sand with nomads even they could tell us which sand dune to climb in order to get the best signal to check the scores on that day's futbol game. But no, Disney World 2010 and still no wifi.


PC said...

OK everything deserves a comment, but I'll settle for: cool shadow picture! The Girlfriend looks ready to start rolling! Love PC

Gamma! said...

Ok...when I go to Disney World I definitely want to go with you guys!
Glad you're having so much fun...sans wifi. Strange...sounds like something you really ought to have a discussion with someone about like only you could do. And then when we go (many moons from now) they'll be offering it! Great idea! :). Safe travels - I'll be praying! Mom/gamma