November 12, 2010

The Giraffe Outside My Window

Tonight we put the kids to bed, which was pretty simple seeing as they both just tipped over the moment we finally put them in their PJ's for the night, and then moved ourselves out on to the balcony. With a glass of wine, and 4 giraffes, and 3 zebras, and 2 of an animal yet to be identified. These were the same giraffes that just hours earlier caused Ash to (seriously) sprint into the glass sliding door with such excitement he hardly realized he had just slammed his entire body against the glass and then made for dang sure we knew there were giraffes outside his hotel room window. Then we scooped his slightly bedazzled self up and wrapped his sister in the 2 sizes too big diapers daddy packed and whisked them away to the Magic Kingdom's special evening event titled "A Very Merry Christmas Party" where we rode, we danced, we played, we sang, and then eventually, we tipped over. Which brings me right back to that stellar glass of wine on the balcony. And the giraffes and the zebra still outside. And the sleeping babes who promised me just prior to the aforementioned tipping over that they'd sleep soundly till at least 8AM tomorrow. Cheers to all of the above.


Gamma! said...

PLEEEESE tell me again why we didn't jump on your invitation to join you! What fun! And back here in Minnesota dad will be getting out the snowblower! Sometimes we just don't make the right decisions now do we! Don't have to tell you guys to have a good time . . . but have a glass of wine on your balcony for me tonight, ok? Love you!

PC said...

OMG,real giraffes? I'm coming next time for SURE! Great pictures of both kids. Happy baby.

Christine said...

omg, I had no idea where you were going. I thought it was that indoor water park in PA, the bear one. Which reminds me, there is a great indoor water park up in Lake George, the Great Escape, which has lots of special deals. My only word of warning, it is cold there in January and February. Not so accomodating to the perpetually cold from November through April around our way :)