November 9, 2010


Where does your laundry go after it's been laundered? Into a bin, up the stairs, folded in to piles and placed into dressers or on hangers in closets? I so wish that were the case for us. For us it's more like washer to dryer to bin to stairs to... being dumped on the guest bed in the guest bedroom where the clothing items stay until A) they're worn, or B) some sort of miracle happens and we actually make it around to folding them. Though option B never (really, never) happens more than a day before the next load of laundry makes it up the stairs. So really, we should just call our guest bed the laundry bed and the guest bedroom the where-laundry-goes-to-die room. There will be a day in the future (note: not near future) when all of the clothes are clean and folded and put away with more than 24 hours between this time and when the next mountain of laundry needs dealing with. It really will happen. Just not any time soon.


Jill said...

At least yours makes it to the guest bedroom - I assume it has a door you can shut. Mine stays on the dining room table which is basically in the middle of my great room...if you stand anywhere in the house, you can see. We typically use the clothes out of it....whatever's left at the end of the week (not much) gets folded and put away just so I have laundry baskets for doing more laundry.

Christine said...

Yeah, that's the way it goes sometimes. But, kissing a little baby or watching your boy run through the leaves is way funner than folding laundry.