February 4, 2008

Two, Dos, Deux, Due, Zwei, Hulet

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Amharic - It's all the number 2.

Two months waiting.

Hulet months waiting.

It could be any day between now and September!

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Amanda and Andrew said...

I liked this post-and the one after it. I couldn't agree more about the travel. I haven't traveled much since we moved to Hawaii (sure, I've flown a lot to and from "home"-Indiana). I'm antsy about the trip to Ethiopia not only for our children but also for the experience.

It's so eye opening.

And, FYI I've never been to Costa Rica. I hear it's perfect though :)
Mexico City's fab. if you wanna see museums and the floating gardens. I've been there several times.

(I'd choose Costa Rica, but that's only cause I haven't been there!)