February 3, 2008

City Saturdays

Yesterday we took a "city day" which basically means museum/gallery hopping, wine bar hopping, lots of walking (it was 50 degrees and sunny in Manhattan yesterday!), and inevitably dinner with friends. There are few better ways to spend a day. We started in the East 30's and visited the Morgan Library (Pierpont Morgan, of the Morgan family - you may be familiar with JP Morgan...) where they're currently showing an Irving Penn exhibit that was amazing. If you live in the area it's definitely worth a trip. We got to check out Mr. Morgan's personal library where the guard showed us where there's a secret staircase that leads to an underground passage stretching all the way to Grand Central Terminal! Because if you don't have your own secret passageway leading from your house to Grand Central Terminal how important could you possibly be? Amazing.

Then off to enjoy the rest of the day, slowly meandering our way North to our friends apartment for dinner. I loved that at every location we stopped into there were strollers outside and happy families enjoying the day doing the same thing we were doing but with children! Can't wait to be one of them. When you're in a city the size of NYC it's also hard not to notice the sheer quantity of stroller designs - wow there are a lot of options. We love our Stokke Xplory...now we just need the Bean to put in it!
Happy Super Bowl Sunday - GO GIANTS!!!


Amanda and Andrew said...

I love this post. I love how you saw families and it made you happy! :)
I know for so long when I saw families it made me sad...

Your day sounded absolutely perfect...
well, almost perfect. ;)
It sounded as perfect as can be without Bean there.

Courtney Rose said...

I wish I were in NYC. At least for a small trip. I would go the museums, the Ethiopian restaurants, eat a bagel from a street vendor, eat some pizza from a local dive, lay down in the grass at Central Park, etc, etc.

The other day I was contemplating a move there. Then my husband reminded me that we were moving to a "village" that states there are only 91 people in residency. And that I loved that idea. Of only 91 people.

So what's the population in NYC? Probably not that far off? ;-)