March 15, 2009

Days Like This

Before my husband was my husband we lived, studied, and traveled together in South America. We lived with a host family in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studied at the Universidad de Belgrano, and arranged our class schedule so that our first was at 11AM Monday and our last ended by 3PM Wednesday. Needless to say we were almost always on a bus to somewhere by 4PM Wednesday for a long weekend. Be it to a new city in Argentina or somewhere just across the border in Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, or Brazil we reveled in the fact that we were actually getting University credits for pretty much traveling full time. Not to mention the 2 months before classes started and 2 months after they ended that we spent on buses, in 4X4's and in airplanes with livestock exploring the areas of South America not quite reachable via bus for a long weekend. Life was good.

We loved Buenos Aires and like most expats had our favorite hangouts where we just felt at home. One such hangout was Beckett, named for Nobel Prize winning poet Samuel Beckett. We loved stopping by for their fabulous cheese plate, the delicious Argentine stout they served by the litre, and their constant playing of Van Morrison. Without a doubt each time we'd walk in we'd have our cheese plate and mugs placed on the table and not a moment later Days Like This would come sounding from the speakers, warming our hearts with music as delicious as the beer and cheese we nibbled, all while planning our next route to somewhere. To this day we can't hear Days Like This without wanting to pack our passports, a toothbrush, and a wine key (and nowadays some diapers) and hop on our next route to somewhere.

Today felt like the days at Beckett and the music of Van Morrison, when you're not quite "home" but can't imagine being anywhere better for that moment, just plotting your next route to somewhere.

When its not always raining therell be days like this
When theres no one complaining therell be days like this
When everything falls into place like the flick of a switch
Well my mama told me therell be days like this
~Van Morrison


stephanie said...

This confirms it. In my next life I want to be you. What haven't you done?!!

That is one of my favorite Van Morrison songs.

PC said...

So what are you doing? Tying him to a line in the backyard :) Mom C