March 14, 2009

The Elmo Effect

We took Ash to see Sesame Street Live, Elmo Makes Music and in a nutshell, he loved it. He stood, he sang, he pointed, he danced. And when he figured out that children were allowed to walk to the front of the stage for their own little tots-only Boogie Town, he promptly looked at mommy, began pushing his hands towards me (meaning GO AWAY mommy) and said, "Mommy, MOOOS (move), Mommy, MOOOS!" and then ran to the front to get his groove on. That was the last we saw of him until later in the evening when we found him trying to hail a cab with his Elmo balloon. That is, his TEN DOLLAR Elmo ballon.

The morning after was pretty par for course, he awoke requesting "Elmo, blue juice" instead of "Mommy, milk" and we took him to breakfast for some pancakes. Or, butter and maple syrup with the ocassional pancake tossed in depending on how you look at it. You could say today's Saturday brunch didn't exactly resemble the type of brunch posted about below, but trust me, it was as NY as it gets, just giving the Big Apple a bit of Big Bird flair.


Stacie said...

Elmo Live sounds like fun! We had pancakes out this morning too - Micah proceeded to lick the syrup off his plate. Nice manners. :)

Amanda and Co. said...

Sounds like a blast! Our kids can't stand butter. They like their pancakes with a little bit of syrup and no butter at all.
I'm glad you had a good time! And, I'm glad he had some time to boogie. :)

Anonymous said...

Too cutw! I'm coming home from the lake with a newspaper article about a Grand Marais couple who gave just returned from Ehtiopia with their 3rd chold/ Such a small world is so many ways.

PS I get the $10 balloon comment but what can you do? I love the #10 kiddie flashlights that you'll have an opportunity but at something else, I could never say no! Mom C

Annie said...

look at how Ash is seriously checking Elmo out. Sounds like he really enjoyed himself :)But, oh, he is so grown up already :(

Brooke said...

There's nothin like some good ole' Elmo. Love the pic, Ash looks like he is lovin Elmo Live.