March 8, 2009

Training Unders

We haven't 100% committed to it yet, but we're fairly certain that we're going to embark on a potty training escapade over a weekend sometime soon. We've chosen Hanna Anderson's "Training Unders in Organic Cotton" as our training brief of choice, and his first pairs from Grandma arrived today which kind of lit a fire under someone's arse and got us thinking maybe we should go beyond the occasional potty visit and move on to an effort to be fully trained. The Hanna Unders come highly recommended on the message boards, just enough absorption to avoid puddles but not so much that he wont feel he's wet. And they're SO DARN CUTE. Wish us luck!


Jill said...

Good Luck! Mari has been doing great at random potty-training but I keep thinking we just need to go cold-turkey one weekend and see what happens. Unfortunately, there never seems to be a free weekend! I got Mari some Elmo/Zoe panties and I tell her "don't pee on Elmo!" It works but we are never in them long enough to really test the theory.

Jodi said...

Oh good luck - how exciting for you all.... if that is a good word to describe the whole potty training adventure!