March 3, 2009


Yikes. Way too long ago the folks over at Moe Better finally went coco and officially popped. They think we over here at The Journey are fabulous and tagged us as AbFab! (Adoption Blog Fab) Thanks guys, however unworthy we may be we're still honored to be listed among the greats and will take the seat proudly while continuing to obsess over each of your daily shenanigans.

So, here's the deal.

You must pass the award on to 5 others who write blogs that you deem fabulous. You must list 5 of your fabulous addictions. You must also copy and paste the rules and the instructions in the post. On your post acknowledging receipt of the award, you must link back to the person who bestowed it upon you.

Now - down to business:

5 Fabulous Bloggers:

Well, here's the story. I'm really late in posting this and am pretty sure most of my favorite bloggers have already been tagged. So, in an effort to refrain from duping tags I'd like to make a general shout out to the entire adoption blogging community, all of whom I deem AbFab. Reading your stories, hearing your triumphs, feeling my chest literally cave in at the sight of posts titled "lost referral" or "court date rescheduled, 4th times a charm?" and then sharing in the eventual happiness we all feel when the screen flashes the post titled "Leaving on a Jet Plane!" I just can't thank you all enough for allowing us to be a virtual part of your lives. Thank you. If for some reason you haven't been the recipient of AbFab yet, please consider yourself tagged.

And now on to my 5 Fabulous Addictions:

1. Caffeine. Two weeks ago this would have said Coffee, but I can proudly proclaim that I am officially starting week #3 sans the bean juice and am somehow maintaining a relative existence on tea. One day this might read Decaf Tea, but we're taking things in baby steps. You know how it goes.
2. Planning. I make a plan for everything and have events mapped out in my mind regardless of how big or little they may be. Presentations, meetings, phone calls, weekends, Tuesdays, dinner parties, travels (though I do lighten up quite a bit in this case, as long as I have the general transport/geography/timing mapped out), grocery shopping, bath night, you name it I've made a plan for it. And I never write them down, so although I often look as though I'm staring into space it's a pretty safe bet that I'm just trying to remember the coordinates of the moment.
3. Spontaneity. I have a hard time planning anything more than a month out and love just picking up and going somewhere or doing something with very little notice. Maybe this is due to my inability to actually write down my plans leaving me dependent on the limited memory available in my poor little noggin. I will say I'm queen of rearranging plans when a certain someone finds out he has to travel for work 24 hours before we're supposed to get on a plane as a family to somewhere across the ocean, although this could be more difficult given the change in addiction #1. There might need to be a buna exception to the no coffee rule when addiction #3 is in action.
4. Christmas, and pretty much any other event that requires large family gatherings, festive celebrations, and family traditions both old and new.
5. Sunday New York Times (in bed) followed by champagne brunch at Il Violino and a stroll through Central Park. You might consider this addiction kicked as it hasn't happened since May of 2008, but I'm gearing up for a resurgence this Spring. The Italian owner at Il Violino looks (and acts) exactly like Ash's coolest-of-cool Uncle Tommy so I have a feeling we'll be just as well received now that we're 3 as we were way back when we were 2.


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Stacie said...

You are fabulous! :)