March 16, 2009

I See You

We converted Ash's crib to a toddler bed yesterday. CONVINCED Ash would get up in the middle of his first night in a big boy bed and figure out how to open a window and jump to the trees, I found myself staring at the baby monitor nonstop. So, despite the fabulous fact that he slept beautifully for 11 full hours I, in turn, not so much. The good news? After a brief 4 week coffee-free stint I came to my senses and rejoined the race, so at least the morning greeted me properly - in java form. The new goal? Beat my husband to the last cup in the pot.

Now that Ash has proven he's into the big boy bed (and now that we've installed FBI spy quality surveillance cameras strategically around his room) I'm fairly convinced I'll have fewer son-jumping-to-the-trees nightmares and should sleep a bit more soundly. Ok, they might not exactly be FBI spy quality, and "they" might be just "one", and that "one" might be the same video monitor we've been using since he came home, but now it's nailed to the ceiling so that we have more of a holistic room view, and I've always wanted to be a spy so now's my chance and I'm running with it. Well, that or we've just officially entered a stage of parenting some would refer to as extreme paranoia and overprotective smuggling, but I prefer to think of it as an opportunity to enjoy a regression to my younger spy-like days while promoting safety in the home. It's a two in one recipe really where everyone benefits. Just call me Agent #5.

So, my 22 month old is now in a big boy bed, I'm back to being well caffeinated, and in the event I ever find myself unemployed I have a potential career as a spy making sure the toddlers of the world don't fall victim to the ever growing desire to jump to the trees. I'm sure there's money in that somewhere... If not I could always look into a career in profession run-on-sentence writing.


Meg DeZutti said...

okay -- I think I just peed myself, Agent No. 5. You are the BEST writer. I feel like I'm having a conversation with you, rather than just reading your blog posts. AWESOME!!
Oh, and every good spy-mommy knows that Red Wine + Trazadone = good night sleep.
If you need more spy tips, watch back episodes of Burn Notice on USA (online). You could also get mad-skills on bomb-making there as well.

los cazadores said...

Did you and I like quit coffee and start it again right at the exact same time? Weird! But, cool.

Ash is getting big, wow!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who is cuter, Ash and that adorable picture or your description of your tree paranoia.
I laughed out loud. Welcome to crowd.....
Any how, I do sympathize on the "glued to the baby monitor" scene, since that's exactly how I was the first night he was my responsibilty. Stan kept waking up and telling me to go to sleep!

Why did you ever go caffiene free in the first place?

Mom C

Katy said...

Talk about getting so big so fast! Crazy how true everything everyone says about time flying is. He looks and sounds fabulous. Nice work #5!