September 21, 2009

Bunny No Take My House!

Or, Tiger Go Away! Or, Shhhhh, Dragon sleeeeping! All phrases you might hear on a somewhat regular basis around our household lately. It seems as though our tot has some buddies of the animal kind who he enjoys bossing around while still making sure we're all quiet when they're sleeping. So far, from what I can tell, the Bunny is a bit of a thief constantly taking Mommy's socks or Daddy's fork or the latest - Ashton's house. The Dragon seems to be the lazy kind who's always hiding in trees and constantly sleeping. We'll be mid-bite during dinner and he'll throw his finger to his lips and whisper anxiously SHHHHHH! Dragon sleeeeping! And then there's the Tiger, who we just recently met when we finally got together with his best friend from school and the first thing the two of them did was dart halfway across the lawn both screaming GO AWAY TIGER GO AWAY!

And here's how I'm personally benefiting from my son's imaginary friends: Anytime he starts to get even the slightest bit antsy in restaurants at the dinner table all we have to do is strike up a conversation about the Bunny, the Dragon, or the Tiger and we've instantly gained ourselves another 15-20 minutes or so of "Ash the saintly child" time. Of course that's not to say that our child would ever be anything but saintly, well at least if you don't count that one time when he refused to keep his pants on at our favorite Japanese restaurant and insisted on being in his diaper (solo) while bouncing around singing shake-shake-shake-your-booty. But he did blame that on the Bunny, and it didn't seem to wake the Dragon or annoy the Tiger so I guess even that occasion was at least in part excusable.

Oh, and he's officially in the Pre-K class at school. He moved up today with his 2 best school friends and they seem to be handling the transition with flying colors. My 2 year 5 month old child is in preschool with 3, 4, and 5 year olds and he couldn't stop talking about it the entire time in the restaurant at the dinner table tonight. Apparently he was ready, let's just hope the Bunny, Dragon, and Tiger are ready too.


Jill said...

I love all the animals!! Mari had an imaginary friend Gannon for about a week but he seems to have disappeared. I'm so glad he likes his new class. Mari moved up a couple months ago to the preKs and she loves it. I love it because I like her to be the youngest and always be challenged...I felt like she would plateau when she was the oldest in the class. Let's just say it...our kids are geniuses! LOL!

Funny, though, if you ask her if she is in the big kids class, she says no. But if you ask her why she spends all day IN the big kids room, she'll tell you that she's the "helper". So I guess she is the permanent helper!

Alright, I'll be quiet now, I don't want to wake the dragon!

losiloni said...

Ashton gets more handsome with every picture. I love reading about about him and all of his cute antics, but I have to admit that everytime I see his face I think "Wondemu" the way Meron used to say it.

PC said...

He is adorable. Is there a favorite book or two where he gleaned the idea of bunny, tiger and dragon? I'm always fascinated to thnik about the origination of things. Can't wait to see you guys in two weeks. In case you need to find discount park tickets, I know AAA has them too. Love M