September 14, 2009

Storytime Monday posted just minutes before Tuesday

So life these days might just be a bit busy. I go he returns, I return he goes, we host we enjoy we pack we prepare repeat repeat repeat. We're both on the road for work a lot lately and this happens to be THE season to be in the Hudson Valley (apples to pick, cider to gulp, leaves changing colors right before your eyes...) so our schedule seems to be about this:

Wave to each other in passing as we "hand-off" mid stride during the week then prep the guest bedroom for that weekend's visitors. Don't even try to get me the slightest bit wrong here, we LOVE our weekend visitors. In fact, they may just be the binding agent to this life we're attempting to call normal. Well maybe not normal but at least a mediocre effort to pursue something somewhat sustainable. In any case we LOVE them. Please don't stop coming to visit us or you may find the 3 of us on the Monday morning news paddling our way down the East River flashing signs that say "they left us alone and we didn't know what to do so we built this canoe and rowed south."

And then mommy had to go to Atlantic City for work and daddy said screws-to-the-chizm and packed the boy in the car so that he and child could sip scrumptioulicious nummies on the seaside by the seashore, in 80 degree weather where the sun actually shines.

And then we discovered

We're in the same spot

Grooving to the music

Just trying to figure it all out

And then finally realized

We've got things sorted

The end


Dana said...

I was rooting for the goggle shot and i got it. so good to see ALL of you beautiful people in AC.

Carol McGregor said...

Just when you think the cute pictures have to be about depleted, here comes a whole bunch more! You guys are going to have such precious memories to look back on when Ash is grown up.

Gamma! said...

Incredible - once again! Love to you've made me smile and made my day! gamma

PC said...

Too cute and fun, wish I was there. Nice to have your own personal pool! Mom C

Karen said...

We clearly have to spend more time together. Relatively soon. Hopefully.

Annie said...

Great photos...and one very cute kid ;)

it's cool that my first moments with Maya Fasika were taken by such a fabulous photographer!