September 11, 2009

The Gallery Hop

Gallery hopping is a term I used to use frequently, way back when Thursday nights meant strolling the W 20's in search of the most interesting openings while soaking in the NYC air and maybe, just perhaps, enjoying the gratis wine and nibbles .

Somewhere over the last year someone abandoned the true gallery hopping experience in exchange for random one-off visits to specific openings. Which, if I might share a lick of advice with that someone, is just a shoddy way to compensate for the fact that a certain someone completely abandoned the true hopping experience just because there's now a tot in tow. Shame on that someone.

Well, this week we that someone fixed that. The mommy, daddy, and boy went strolling sipping semi-decent wine and devouring plates of berries and cheese and bread and pretzels all while enjoying the view, the pictures, the art.

Ash, would you like to see more pictures?

Ash, would you like to go to another picture house?
Ash, would you like to get dinner? (About 2 hours post normal dinner hour...)
(droopy eyed he says...) Yesmoommyy, yyeess...
And then he promptly pooped out. Fell asleep, right then and there, collapsing on daddy's shoulder at the exact moment we sat down for dinner.

So. We sat, we ate, and we very much so enjoyed a fabulous dinner. Together just the 3 of us, 2 with eyes wide open and 1 with eyes wide shut.

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Amanda and Co. said...

What an awesome night :)