September 27, 2009

Writing Between Breaths

So there was this one time, last weekend, when we rocked a Saturday and played with our cousin/aunt/uncle at the apple farm and at Ash's house and smiled lots. Especially during that one moment when we were searching our TV Directory for listings of The Wiggles (Ash's rock star cousin gifted him some seriously cool Wiggles gear) and 9 out of 10 listings were for The Wiggles we were looking for. The other 1 required $9.95 and parental approval. No joke. The adults giggled, then promptly selected one of the OTHER Wiggles options for viewing.

Then there was this other time, last weekend, when we rocked a Sunday and Ash refused to nap during kickoff so we drove him around the block and he promptly crashed for a 2+ hour nap only to awake at the exact moment when Fox switched from the NY Giants game (where we stomped on TB) to the MN Vikings game (where Favre got lucky).

And then there was this one time, today, when I realized that of the 1,000 things I had meant to post about previously approximately 0.02 have actually made it onto Blogger, and now I've got yet another days worth (or approximately 347) more things to write about since today began. All of which I'm sure are equally as tantalizing to the rest of the world as they are to me, clearly. Although at least this one included a somewhat masked porn reference and some good 'ol fashioned Favre taunting. That must count for something and carry me till at least that other one time when... To be continued.

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Jill said...

Yup...I often think, that would be nice to say on the blog, or that was funny enough to share. Rarely happens. I actually started a memo pad to jot things down but by the time I got time to sit down and blog, I couldn't remember what half my notes were about.

Hugs to Ash!