September 20, 2009

Maybe Another Time

I'm finding those very words to be my general reaction to any blog-postable experience. Cute? Adorable? Delicious? Sure, I'll post about it, eventually, maybe another time. Difficult? Trying? One serious mother lover of a challenge? Yup, I'll eventually find the exact right words to share it with the world, eventually, maybe another time. The most beautiful moment ever? A true breakthrough in the heart of humanity? An actual next step to making unprecedented progress? OK. Whatever, one day I'll put that list of links to substantiated research studies together and provide the fool-proof go-to for anyone seeking the "real" truth. Eventually, maybe another time.

(Queue head hanging in shame...)

I seem to be thinking a whole lot more than writing lately and hoping that those words will just magically find their way to my keyboard. Oh, and as a bonus for good'ish behavior I thought it would also be kind of nice to have some cute kid pics to tag along with the words I was hoping would somehow appear under "New Post" in the Blogger account I've been neglecting for...too long. And the kicker? Mr. Cute Kid Pic came through with the images while Mrs. Fails at Writing opened a bottle of Bordeaux and sipped to the tune of an overly full inbox instead of the clever recanting of the days or weeks tales. Way to point a finger Mr. Cute Kid Pic, just you wait, I'll catch up and post something breathtakingly chilling. Eventually, maybe another time.

For now here's what you get:

Ash and his BFF Owen had a sleepover and did all sorts of cute stuff and brought their mommies and daddies to tears (laughing) while they sorted out how their slumber party was going to groove and we shook our booties to all sorts of Beatles Rock Band music.

We celebrated Ethiopian New Year with tibs wat and homemade injera and...more Beatles Rock Band.

Ash is moving up to the "big kids" room at daycare on Monday after a somewhat traumatic Friday. But an all too perfect Sunday (which I'm sure I'll post about eventually, maybe another time) left us very confident that these two are ready in every sense of the word.

We cured world hunger, and told nobody. And perhaps we'll post about that later. Eventually, maybe another time.

PS: If you don't get the previous world hunger reference it's been way too long since' you've watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Go rent it now, or later, or maybe another time...

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Anonymous said...

Cute shot of the boys on their cycle!