October 24, 2010

And, We Survive

So, even on a Friday afternoon when Ash comes home with a temp of 103 and Leni is scratching at the leftover sticker-spots left on her forehead from her hearing test, it was still day 1 of an amazing fall weekend. Dose #1 of children's ibuprofen brought his temp down to the high 90's and dose #2 given in the middle of the night when he had spiked back up to 101 brought him down to the 98.6 range. Permanently. Leni never so much as sneezed the entire weekend.

So, we survived. And we owe our guardian angel big time. As a start we offer the following tribute to her. Enjoy.

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Gamma! said...

I'm so glad I found you too Ash! I love you . . . have a great Monday - see you in only 3 days! Gamma