October 8, 2010

Hands Full

One of the only "I'm no longer an only child" coping mechanisms frequently visible with Ash is that he likes to be carried. A lot. I have a setup when I'm solo with the kids where Ash can ride in the Stokke stroller and I carry Leni in the Ergo, or put Leni in the Stokke and just hip-hold Ash. I MUCH prefer the prior seeing as our 3 1/2 year old has grown about 4 feet in the last month and must have gained about 50 pounds of muscle. Thankfully I'm not solo with them too often and daddy takes over the hauling around of the big kid. It's awful these two have such a strained relationship...

No, they're not both mine. I borrowed #2 from a friend for the evening, and now at the top of my "I have no idea how they do it" list right alongside single parents are parents of twins. Seriously, no idea.

We like having our hands full. I think it's because that leaves us with less time to have any awareness of all the crap we must be screwing up because we're always busy moving on to the next thing. If we keep moving forward there's a better chance we'll actually get something right eventually, and then, then we'll slow down for a second to celebrate the moment. Turns out we get to celebrate a lot these days.

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PC said...

New shoes for Ash cool. And both babies are reay a lap full. I always wanted twins, lucky my wish was never fullfilled. Mom C