October 25, 2010


I'd be lost without the ability to purchase necessities online and have them delivered right to my doorstep. Diapers, wipes, formula, baby gear, clothing, Halloween costumes, shoes, books, tights, etc etc etc. It's just so much easier to shop online than pack everyone up and go to an actual store. Diapers.com offers free (next day!) delivery for orders over $50, and I signed up for Amazon.com's "Prime Membership" which cost me $19 but guaranteed me free two-day delivery on purchases. Next day? Two days? These are words not found in my let's-make-a-plan-to-go-shopping vocabulary. Usually I start to think about going on a shopping trip and then a week or two later it might have happened. Not in the virtual shopping world though, no no no. I can discover I've ruined my last pair of black tights and have a new pair delivered in time for this week's meeting, no worries no stress. We can use the last baby wipe (haha, as if we'd ever run out of those - I think we have a stockpile large enough for a family of 25 in the basement...) and have a new case delivered the next morning. No delivery charge. The very thought of having to go to an actual Babies R Us to purchase such necessities and load them into the trunk and unpack everything at home only to realize I forgot at least one essential item gives me the shivers.

And on a completely random totally unrelated note...

Ash trying to order from the beer beverage menu

He settled for the cream meant for daddy's coffee

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