October 12, 2010

Not Us

The parents who spend all day with their children and love every second of it, or who work outside the home and spend every moment away from their children thinking about their children. I admit, it's not us. I know - we're AWFUL. We enjoy being sans child every now and then. Wait, no. I'm being honest here. We enjoy it...frequently. We also LOVE our children. And we think about our children during some of the moments we're apart, but not all. And actually, we don't feel that bad about it. Because when we do think about them, and when we are together, well, we dig it. And when we spend A LOT of time together MULTIPLE days in a row? Well, we still dig it, but a little less. So maybe, just maybe, today when Ash returned to school after the holiday weekend and Leni's babysitter arrived to love her for the afternoon...maybe, just maybe, we went to lunch. Solo. Sans children. And it was really really good.

And when we returned home? We spent the remaining hours of the work day in the studio, working. And when the work day ended we spent the entire evening loving our children. Playing outside together, cooking and then eating dinner together, reading stories together, and singing night night songs together. And then we tucked the kids into bed and almost giddily tipped over in to our own. Happy to once again find ourselves enjoying a moment sans children, but even happier to flip on the video monitor and just watch them both sleep for a few minutes. Just a few, but a very very precious few.

That's us.

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PC said...

What a big girl! I can't wait to see everyone, cute pics.