October 10, 2010


I'm sure I've mentioned Takahachi in an earlier post, our absolute favorite Japanese restaurant in NY. We've been taking Ash there since day one #1 because of the utter deliciousness of the food and #2 because despite being a trendy hot-spot for sushi in Tribeca they don't growl at us when we walk through the door with children and a stroller. They even hand Ash their child-friendly chopsticks within the first minutes of being seated and make sure HE'S the one who's satisfied. Avocado maki roll not cut thin enough for you? No worries, we'll have our chefs take care of it. Red miso soup too hot? We'll send some ice right over. It's awesome. They also have one of our favorite hot dishes, black miso cod (honestly, it's sort of like heating up a stick of butter and serving it on a plate), which in the past we've always shared as an appetizer together. Until this week when ash ate the whole dang thing. By himself. I guess we'll be ordering 2 orders from now on. Turns out it would actually be cheaper to hire a babysitter than to bring Ash with us for Japanese.

And the nail in the coffin? When he asked for 2 sips of my wine. Listen to me when I say that that was the last straw. Child of mine who I adore completely, I will order more black miso cod for you and I will share my salmon avocado when you realize how infinitely better it is than the plain avocado roll you ordered. But step off when it comes to my wine baby.

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