October 22, 2010

TGIF, Until It's TGIF + Doctors

We were all set for a great Friday. A beautiful, 60 degree, semi-sunny, colors at their peak kind of Friday in the Hudson Valley. Then I had to take Leni to her follow up appointment to have her hearing tested (she originally failed the hearing test when she was discharged from the NICU a week after birth), which meant electrodes taped to her head here there and everywhere and long periods of motionless silence needed to detect the presence of her ability to hear. Thankfully she was an absolute rock star and was able to complete the testing in under an hour and passed with flying colors. Often newborns fail in the first weeks after birth simply because of the circumstances of the testing - fussyness, etc etc etc so we weren't terribly worried, but it's still nice to officially have the green light. And mere moments after leaving the docs office for Leni's hearing test we picked Ash up from school, where he appeared more than lethargic and obviously did not feel well, to discover he had a temp of 103. One dose of Childrens Ibuprofen and an hour spent napping in mommy's bed (with Scooby Doo on in the background) and his temp was down to 98.9. And we made sure to monitor Leni's temp throughout the evening and she seems to be (for the moment) avoiding her brother's bug. But he was SO SAD when we told him he couldn't kiss his sister night night...

So I suppose as far as a Friday full of doctors could have gone, ours wasn't quite so bad. Leni's hearing is just fine and Ash's temp is under control and tomorrow it's supposed to be 62 and sunny so our previously planned pumpkin picking adventures should be a go.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday.

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Gamma! said...

Will sure pray for a fun and healthy pumpkin patch adventure for you all! Just went to Pine Tree yesterday - what a zoo! But have apple crisp in the freezer for next weekend! :) Have a great day - love and hugs to all. Gamma