December 16, 2007

Christmas Cookies

I'm terrible at baking cookies and most other baked dishes. I'll admit to being a bit talented in the kitchen, but I don't seem to be able to bake a decent batch of cookies to save my life. So, when my husband suggested that we bring Christmas cookies to our neighbors I was less than anxious to oblige. I eventually gave in and spent the afternoon baking and decorating sugar cookies and white chocolate chip cookies with dried cranberries.

Sounds good right? Not so much. The sugar cookies turned out crispy and flat, and despite our best efforts to cover this up with festive green and red frosting they would still score a distant 2nd in the grocery-store-bought cookie competition. And even that's being generous. As for the white chocolate chip with dried cranberry cookies, I'm really at a loss. How on earth could something with two full sticks of butter (I don't remember the last time I even had that much butter in the fridge!), and multiple CUPS of sugar, brown sugar, and other tasty ingredients possibly turn out bad? Well, it did. The hockey pucks of the bunch have been placed in reserve as the "dunking bunch" for my husband to have with coffee, but really I think I'll just stick to the bakery for cookies from here on out. Unfortunately for our neighbors this year they'll have to do with our homemade batch...

So the point of this post you ask?

1) I baked. (And there are pictures to prove it!) They are definitely not the most scrumptious cookies on Earth, but that just solidifies the well known fact first introduced to my husband at an early age that ONLY grandmas bake cookies. Grandma Camp and Grandma Hall, preheat those ovens!

2) We're waiting for our referral and baking cookies helps pass the time. It's a good thing that baby Bean has fabulous grandmothers to bake the fabulous cookies that only grandmothers can make!


Misty said...

I can feel your pain. I love to bake, but I'm not really a pro at it. However, I do believe that it is ALWAYS my oven's fault. It doesn't really matter that I have lived in three houses in 4 years and they ALL had a bad oven. It doesn't matter that I may as well just throw the first batch of dough out, because the cookies will be burnt. No no. None of that is my fault! Good thing bean is so lucky in grandmas!

LISA said...

Yummy!! Cookies!!
For some reason,when you make cookies for others,they don't turn out as good!!But remember it's the thought that counts,right?

Gamma! said... you're saying I have to get some cookies baked in the next five days or I'm in trouble? Oh I in trouble! Julie baked some great gingerbreads, Janelle's been baking, gammas been working on projects! You'd better let me know which are your favorites so I make sure to get those done! Snickerdoodles, sugar, spritz, mint surprize, chocolate ship, peanut blossoms...let's narrow down the field and I'll get my ovens fired up . . . as soon as I get my Christmas cards done! :) And I promise, Baby Bean WILL enjoy my Christmas baking in the years ahead! For now...Taste of Scandanavia does a REALLY great job in the kitchen! See you soon!