December 18, 2007

The #1 McGregor Christmas Tree Ornament, 2007

We already knew that Cindy from Pink Bottom Creations was fabulous, but today she topped the cake. We can't quite divulge how we've been working with her lately as the gifts under the tree are yet to be unveiled, but we can share that she created our most favorite ornament of Christmas 2007. In November she created the most wonderful piece made with Ethiopian prayer beads for my husband's birthday and we're so excited to now have an ornament to place on our tree of equal importance.

Cheers to Pink Bottom Creations!

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Gamma! said...

I don't know . . . this is a great ornament, lots of significance . . . but there's another awfully cute one under our tree back home for you to open too! :) Can't wait for Christmas morning! :)