December 3, 2007

FedEx And An Interesting Article

After notarizing, county certifying, and state certifying a copy of our I-171H this morning I bundled our now complete dossier and sent it on it's way to CHI's main office in St. Louis! The clerk at the FedEx location where I dropped it off thought I was a bit odd for taking a picture, but little does he know how valuable this package is!

A friend send me a link to this New York Times article which I think is an interesting read, especially the comments that people posted in reaction.
New York Times: A "Normal" Family


LISA said...

Glad you have your dossier on it's way to St. Louis! It will be joining ours!I heard they courier to Washington on Thursdays?? I hope they go this Thursday! Can't wait to find out.

Misty said...

YEAH!!! Only a little while longer and your dossier will be on it's way south! YEAH!!!