December 13, 2007

Dossier Update

Well, not really - but kind of. Our CHI Adoption Consultant emailed me on Tuesday and told us that she receives weekly dossier updates from St. Louis (CHI's main office) but hadn't received this week's update yet. If everything has gone according to plan then our dossier should be arriving in Ethiopia as early as next Tuesday, December 18th, so we're really hoping to be on the DTE (dossier to Ethiopia) list very soon! Some agencies consider families to be officially waiting upon submission of the dossier to the agency, in which case we have been waiting now for one week and two days. I don't think that's how CHI works however (I get the impression that their wait times begin when the dossier is officially in Ethiopia) so let's all hope that it arrives on Tuesday!

Also, I updated my list of Ethiopian adoption blogs to the right and there are a few new ones - check'em out!


Gamma! said...

Good morning! And yes...I will pray that we get the exciting - oops! GREAT news that your dossier has arrived in Ethiopia next week! And then the countdown begins for our trip to Ethiopia! I can't wait! Make some snow angels and snowmen for me today - what else is there to do when you've got a foot of snow? :)

Cloverland Farm said...

thanks for the encouragement!!
hey, would you guys want to meet us for ethiopian in manhattan this is weekend (spur of the moment) or in january? we're really wanting to build some community near can email me at if you want. i guess it'd be like a blind date of sorts (ha ha) we are really nice and fun loving... :)

Misty said...

It's funny how and when you are classified as "officially waiting." Don't you feel like you were officially waiting the day you decided to adopt? Anyways, you are getting closer and closer to baby!