December 27, 2007


We LOVE getting mail from CHI - pretty much anything that arrives in the mailbox from them is something that has been very anxiously awaited. The package that arrived from their office yesterday was even better because it was unexpected! We originally thought that our travel guide would arrive once we got our referral for baby Ashton/Isabel, but it was a very happy and welcomed surprise when we opened our mailbox to see that it had arrived yesterday. The travel guide includes information regarding our trip to Ethiopia and the attached letter from our agency includes sentences like:

"You will start a wonderful trip very soon, to bring your child home from Ethiopia."


"As you get closer to your travel date you will receive a packet containing forms and documents..."

Seeing these words put together by our adoption agency brings huge smiles to our faces because it confirms that all of the planning, gathering, chasing, certifying, and stamping will soon produce a referral, court date, and travel date. Soon! And I love that the word "soon" was included in the letter sent from our Program Director so I'm not just dreaming this all up, it really is happening soon!


Gamma! said...

I've been waiting for this entry all morning! :) And yes, SOON is a very good word! The word ANXIOUS pops into my head immediately - because that's what we all are! Guess Grandma Pat and I had better get over to the travel agent so we have all our ducks in a row!

Happy for the good word - now enjoy the day. love you all!

Sandi said...

Oh that is so cool!!!! How exciting!

Stacie said...

Yay! Soon is good! :)

Oh - and you guys totally rock at Ethiopian cooking - the pictures of your meal make mine look like... well, not as good. Even Marcus Samuelson can't help me. I'm working on it though! :)

LISA said...

Notice how our paperwork starts all over again?!Ugggh!

Misty said...

You are getting so close now! You actually get to start thinking about the idea of travel...with a baby!! Yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Great news....It's been real for a long time, it just keeps getting more real...can't wait to start buying things for either Ashton or Isabel...yellow and green is getting boring! Love MC