April 26, 2008

Airing Out The House

Our house was first a stable in the early 1900's before being renovated and turned into a residence (not exactly sure when, perhaps 1920's) so there are an unusual amount of doors on the first floor. Four to be exact, and the floor print really is not that big. This can be torture during the winter months when they're all tightly closed just taunting us knowing full well if we open them our heating bills will skyrocket, but when spring comes they're wide open as often as possible! Take today, for example. It was a perfect 70 degree sunny with just enough wind to blow the scents of spring through all four doors. Delicious.

So what do we do on a lovely spring Saturday mere weeks before assuming the titles of mom and dad? Nest. But not in the typical sense of the word as much as the "let's complete all of those projects we've been meaning to complete since we moved in" kind of sense. I've read about soon-to-be parents nesting habits before the arrival of the child, but today wasn't exactly that.

Today we sawed a hole in the door to the basement so that we could move the cat litter box downstairs. Next we moved the treadmill to a more desirable location (the garage, wish us luck...), and then we built (well not exactly "we" as much as "he") a new closet/storage area in the basement so that we could clean out the closet in the nursery. Then we happily settled in with a scrumptious grilled chicken and corn dinner and a rather tasty malbec. Not exactly true to form nesting behavior, but I must admit we're more caught up on chores than we've ever been. Feels good.

Oh, and we also canceled the vet appointment we had for Bode to have his teeth "fixed". He's happy, he cuddles up in my lap when I'm relaxing in the hammock on the front porch (it's really cute, he actually pulls himself up through a gap in the hammock strings rather than just jump from the front into my lap) and we just couldn't stand the thought of putting him through a surgery that would leave him with few (if any) teeth. More importantly I have huge doubts that he's actually in any pain or at risk of suffering infection. The area that the vet claims is causing him "severe mood-altering pain" he actually LOVES to have pet and scratched. We haven't completely written off the possibility of surgery, rather have decided to contemplate the decision for a bit longer just to make sure we're not causing any undue stress on our boy, our Bode Miller.

On another productivity-related note, I decided to create our adoption announcements in Photoshop instead of purchasing them online and must say I did a pretty good job. (Helps that hubby is a photographer and doesn't mind coming to my rescue.) The only problem is that this project requires having the adoption announcement, which includes our beautiful boy's picture, on my computer screen all day long. Let's just say I've spent more time looking at his picture than breathing this weekend. It's just such an adorable face I can't help myself - if it's in front of me forget about it, I'm useless!

Right now is pretty OK: We're airing out the house with all four doors wide open. Our cats (the boys) are nestled in our laps and we're about to light a bonfire outside and toast the season's first marshmallows. Everything smells sweet.


Amanda & Andrew said...

This time of year and again in the fall-I miss New England with all of my heart.

The smells are so...

I loved this post-I envisioned all of that! (Including the tasty dinner-you reminded me that I didn't even have lunch today!).

I'm counting down the days until your court date along with you. I'm sure we're all dying to see your dear Ashton!


Stacie said...

That sounds amazing - I love how we always get a 'taste' of what you're doing, having for dinner and the wine! I can almost see it. But, I really can't wait to see the pictures that have been leaving you breathless! Can't wait to see that sweet baby!

Anonymous said...

Well maybe some day Bailey will have a Bode cousin who matches his toothless grin :-) Baileys 8 teeth (out of an orriginal 30), seem to be making him a new man!! He has more energy now than ever, and even still can manaage to eat his orriginal hard food... go figure? Best part for us was... no more bad breath!!!!

Sounds like a absolutly perfect way to end the day!!!!! Can you send some warm back to MN?

Don't forget to save some of those nesting chores for when I am out there :-)


Annie said...

Glad that you had a nice weekend of enjoying the beautiful weather.

I also need a solution to how the cats will access the kitty litter. I've "tested" them with a gate at the top of the stairs and they refuse to jump it (believe me, I've tried).

OK, now go back and stare it his picture "some more" while you're roasting your s'mores.....ok, I have no idea why I am being so corny!

Katy said...

Congratulations on the proactive nesting/prep plan! Sounds really really good.