April 29, 2008

Baby Earth

OK, I'm going to throw out a guess that the stimulus payments that started being distributed this week don't hold a candle to the amount of economic stimulus brought on by waiting families. After all, is there a better way to pass the time than by perusing the gadzillions of adorable online children's shops? Just when I happen upon what I think to be "the cutest children's shop ever" I turn around and surprise surprise, there's another one! Patience schmatience, waiting sucks so I'm going shopping. I do have to admit once again though, the ticker at the top clocking 2 weeks 3 days looks SO much better than when it clocked 2 weeks 4 days... Just imagine how fabulous 2 weeks 2 days is going to look!

My newest favorite is Baby Earth (environmentally-friendly baby products) where this Musical Toy Box Bench currently has me ducttaping my wallet shut. So cute, so much fun, must be responsible, must be responsible...


Anonymous said...

What a super cute bench!!!!!!

Unfortunately it NEVER gets easier! Kids are so fun to spend money on and buy things for... It is so much cuter than for adults!just today I was parusing the internet for the cheapest pair of Keens for kids... of course they need the best sandals right :-)!!!! I'm afraid to tell you that your start to taping your wallet shut is only the beginning... welcome to a lifelong practice in patience and self control! It STINKS big time and man, some days is it hard!!!!!

On a more possitive note.... when you do find something fun, and you do buy it.... MAN IS IT AWESOME AND FUN!!!!!!

Off to go watch the kids ride their bikes! Have a super Tuesday! Love you!

Brooke said...

I love the Musical Tox Box Bench! So cool. I imagine alot of noise could be made with that!

Amanda & Andrew said...

hahaha-I love your blog. You're probably right, it's nothing compared to the shopping waiting families do. Heck, we've done tons of shopping and we're not even waiting yet.

Stacie said...

Retail Therapy!!! I practiced that a lot during our wait (good thing our wait wasn't long!). LOVE that bench. Micah would love it too... It really doesn't ever end!