April 5, 2008

Best Rose Ever

Oriel 2005 "Femme Fatale" Bordeaux Rose. Scrumptious scrumptious scrumptious. And with BBQ season in full swing we're loving it!

It was beautiful out today, so we spent the afternoon walking around town, catching up on yard work, and planning dinner - on the grill, of course. While on the sidewalk a car pulled over and rolled down their window so I assumed they just needed directions or something. Nope - it was the owner of our local wine shop making sure that we knew they were doing a tasting today along with his homemade chili and that we should definitely stop by - so of course we had to!

This is the newest wine shop in town and quickly became a favorite. Although their prices are a touch higher than the others we still find ourselves shopping there most often. Reason #1 is an extremely knowledgeable team who make an effort to remember every returning customer's name and wine preference. Reason #2 is what happened today - they actually pull to the side of the road to say hi and let you know there's a tasting going on! It's hard to beat that level of service.

Seriously, try this rose - it's delicious. We paired it with a grilled chorizo and vegetable meal, but as long as it's a sunny day (or rainy but dreaming of a sunny day!) it would probably be lovely with just about anything.



Misty said...

Mmm. Will have to try it. Always up for a new good red wine. Sounds like a great shop too! We're grilling tomorrow...can't wait!

Craig & Cindy said...

Grilled chorizo? A food true to my own taste buds. :) I like it EXTREMELY spicey!


Stacie said...

Ooh - excellent writing and now wine suggestions! Your blog has so much to offer. :)

I'm always on the lookout for a good Rose - so thanks for the tip!