April 27, 2008

TAP New York

There could be a mere 4-5 weekends left in our lives sans child. That is quite possibly the most exciting sentence I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. 4-5 weeks! This weekend was split between getting things done on Saturday and having some fun on Sunday. Today we drove to Hunter Mountain and participated in this year's TAP New York, a festival celebrating New York microbrews and local food fare. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

The setting was serene - a mountain hardly bare of snow yet already blasting random rays of sunshine that gave off just enough warmth to hang out on the patio with a taste of an IPA and a bite of pistachio pecorino in hand. Yum Yum! Mind you it was still a beer festival so there were certainly the groups of not-so-conservative connoisseurs but for the most part everything was perfect. Hot sauce, hops, grills, barley, sun, mountains, and most importantly lots of people gathered on a newly green mountain lawn just excited to be there.

So, it's Sunday, and we have to start yet another week of work tomorrow. But have you taken a look at the ticker at the top of this page yet? It's officially less than 3 weeks until we could pass court! There's something about being in the 2+ week range that makes me smile a bit bigger, as if that's humanly possible at this point.


Amanda & Andrew said...

Honestly-that sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

And, 2ish weeks! Way, way better than 3 weeks.

(I agree with you about the stay at home mom vs. working mom thing. It's completely situational. It's just interesting, in my opinion, why people choose what they do!)

Anonymous said...

I have found babies and wine mix beautifully, never too soon to start the education! Mom C

Annie said...

Did you know that I use your ticker as mine? I know that's weird, but it's a mental thing. If I add one back on my blog, I'll fixate on it like I did with my referral wait. (It drove me crazy!) So whenever I need to, I just click on over to your blog and read your counter. And it puts a big smile on my face, too.
Thanks for the loan ;)