April 1, 2008

New Hobbies

So it's pretty clear that I need some new hobbies to help keep a proper perspective on this journey, especially given all of the recent press on increased wait times, concerns of ethics violations, and the overall uncertainty of international adoption programs. Uncertainty is tough, and for those who know me it's no surprise that I'm struggling with the uncertainty of this process. I want to be doing something, contributing something to the process to keep it moving along. But it's not in my hands, which brings me back to the point of this post - I need some new hobbies to keep me from thinking that it is in my hands and that I could be doing something. It's not, and I can't.

Hobby #1: American Idol
Dolly Parton rocks. I'm not sure if having a widely known song titled for my name is good fortune or not (especially considering the lyrics of this particular tune) but nonetheless I dig Dolly, and her version of this song (ahem, the original) simply trumps all of the others. Now off to figure out how to transform this into a hobby...

Hobby #2: Food
So this may not seem like something new, but now that spring has sprung I can begin planting herbs, fruits, and veggies in the garden which shines a whole new light on our cooking adventures. So this "new" hobby spans two activities - cooking and gardening!

Hobby #3: Amharic
I'm bound and determined to learn this language so even if this isn't a new hobby I've got newly energized enthusiasm to tackle this challenge. We've got CD's to listen to while in the car, programs to run on our laptops, children's DVD's and CD's full of songs and helpful phrases, and our Amharic tutor to constantly correct our pronunciation. Right now I'd say we're weak at best, but we'll keep chugging along until it clicks one day - and it will!

I need a hobby #4...


Amanda and Andrew said...

Interesting that you posted this feed from American Idol. I'm on my computer now trying to get something done for work (obviously, I'm procrastinating) but on my TV is our DVRed, and paused, American Idol. We just listened to Brooke's rendition of Jolene and I thought of you (you're one of 2 Jolenes I know of).

Anyhow-I know what you mean about the uncertainty. I think that's why I'm so blue right now. And, hobbies are always great.

I have to admit, I read something earlier about the uncertaintly of international adoption-and after reading your link, I'm freaking out.
Not that I'm a worry-wart or anything. :(

Stacie said...

I wish I had worked more on Micah's lifebook before he came home. Jill (Mari's mom) did a bunch of stuff for hers before Mari came home and I think that's a good idea - to get it started (obviously w/o any writing or pictures yet :) before your babe comes home - because after - well, it's kind of hard to get anything done. :) But in a good way of course.

Misty said...

I can really realate to your thoughts of uncertainty. It's funny, because in one sense, there is absolutely no certainty in this process, especially now. But in another, you just continue to push forward fully expecting to bring home your baby, and any day get "the call". I think that is the only way we can stay sane, by believing the best - and of course by getting some hobbies. You could always remodel your house! (Bad suggestion. don't take that one!)

Cloverland Farm said...

let me know if you want a knitting lesson! :)

Brooke said...

Ohhh, yeah I would totally learn to knit if I were you, Jo. You could make little hats booties. The best part is you could do it while watching American Idol, eating food, and speaking Amharic. It's the best of all worlds!

Annie said...

I'm right with you...I appreciate your good attitude in pushing forward. Thanks :) It's hard, isn't it? With my dossier in country for 20 weeks now, I am now trying to prepare myself for "what if I get a referral but don't make it by court closing?" But you're right. We shouldn't dwell on that which we cannot control.

Hobby #4???? How about cake decorating? Amanda's done some beautiful cakes....you can become an expert so that you can make the cake of your child's dreams when she/he is 3,4,5 etc years old.

Pat & Lynne said...

I'd say more sex. Mom C