September 10, 2008

Completely Adjusted, Already?

When we dropped Ashton off at daycare this morning he proceeded to turn on the tears as usual however this time Mike and I stayed to chat with one of the teachers about an explosive Jello experience Ash's pants were involved in yesterday. A few minutes later as we turned to leave the teacher holding Ash said to us, "You know he stops crying like 10 seconds after you leave. He's completely adjusted and hasn't had a breakdown during the day even once."

Huh. Our little 16 month old is such a trooper.

Tomorrow we're bringing cupcakes with the Ethiopian flag drawn on top to daycare as a special treat in honor of Ethiopian New Year. Then we're all heading into the city for the night to celebrate at Awash, an Ethiopian restaurant in the East Village. A bunch of our friends are gathering and there will be tons of food and tej (Ethiopian honey wine) so I expect the three of us will roll our way to Brooklyn with full tummies and happy hearts. Can't wait.


stephanie said...

That's great about the adjusting. I don't have the fondest memories of tej though. To me it kinda tasted like a mountain dew type of wine. Funny, I never thought I'd pass on a glass of wine. Sounds like a wonderful time will be had by all.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

btw, nice game Monday night, heh? :)


Annie said...

Glad Ash is so well adjusted to daycare.

Melkam Adis Amet...have a great night celebrating!

Misty said...

That's really cool. His little heart already knows that you will always come back for him! Very cool.