September 30, 2008

The Favre Effect

So it seems a bit counter productive to be dedicating an entire post to the very individual responsible for most blood boiling moments during football season for all native Minnesotans, but there's an analogy here that lends itself to a current situation that I otherwise couldn't emotionally deal with writing about right now so I'm just going to run with it.

The Favre Effect in current NFL terms means that every team that the Packers Jets play needs to be 100% prepared to intercept the football on every play. He is, after all, the most intercepted quarterback in NFL history so the teams they face are all the better when prepared to capitalize on their opponent's weakness. The Favre Effect - Be ready to intercept the most intercepted. Makes sense.

On to the analogy (and I admit I'm stretching it here...)

The Favre Effect is similar to the process that parents of children adopted internationally go through with their pediatricians. The Favre part describes the many possible health complications that could realize, and the Favre Effect part wraps the ongoing thought in every (or at least my) adoptive parent's mind that although you're taking the best of percautions, something could be tossed your way and be intercepted, winding yourself in a tough scenario to deal with.

Ash tested positive on a skin TB test. His chest xrays taken over the summer were negative, so most pediatricians would say testing positive on a sking test was a fluke. But not those experienced in international adoption, and especially not those experienced in adoptions from Ethiopia. We contacted Dr. Aronson (The Orphan Doctor) and she confirmed that it's likely Ash was exposed to TB and now has Latent TB and should undergo a 9 month preventive treament plan. I could end this with one massive run on sentence detailing how we shouldn't be worried and that when treated even Active TB is usually not fatal and that we're lucky we caught it and are confident appropriate measures will be taken..but to be really really real...

Gods, please don't throw for an interception here - we need a touchdown pass and 9 months of complication-free TB treatment. Please.

Sorry for the NFL analogies, but they're keeping me sane today.


Misty said...

That's a whammy. He knows what's going on, and this doesn't throw Him for a loop. Will be praying for your little one.

Amanda said...

Here's to hoping there are no interceptions (and, if I use that word wrong, I'm sorry-NOT A FOOTBALL FAN).

I asked the school that the kids are going to go to next fall what happens if the skin test is positive? They said they didn't know. But, truth is, I knew the answer. My friend's daughter was living in England with them when she was exposed to TB and though her chest x-rays were clean, they did a six month course of treatment. (I think it was six months anyhow).

She said that Kaylie was fine, no complications or anything. So, I'm hoping the same goes for Ash!

We're here wishing you nothing but good experiences and no foul ups.

losiloni said...

That's rough. What does a course of treatment involve????
I'll be think of you guys.

Brooke said...

Hey Jo! Wow, I will for sure be thinking of you guys over these next months. It sounds like there is good news for the long term outlook of the TB. I hope all goes well with that.

I love the NFL analogies. It's the perfect time of year to use them! So, when will Ash go to his first football game?


stephanie said...

I will be sending oodles and oodles of complication free treatment juju to your family. How comforting it is to have Dr. Aronson near you.

And seriously, are you related to the Minnesota Smiejas? You just don't know how long I've been hearing those same Farve analogies. Interceptions or not, he still has a Super Bowl ring, right? :):)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I know this will work out under the "horseshoe" effect but it's still scary. Think about it though, the stories this young man will be able to tell all the lovely ladies he will court will surely get him...whatever he's looking for! :) I'll continue to work the beads. Will also ask the Little Sisters of the Poor to intercede with pryers. Love Grandma C

Annie said...

oh, poor Ash! But yes, you are right...let's hope and pray for no complications. What a blessing to live so near to Dr. Aronson and have such great care.