September 21, 2008


I have to admit I got a bit teary eyed this evening when I noticed my son, who couldn't otherwise care less about TV, was mesmerized by the Bill Maher show. He totally got the jokes but is still fundamentally concerned about how the "fundamentals of our economy" are doing...

Corn! Corn! Corn!

So this is my attempt at drawing my husband's attention away from my obsessive shoe habit and towards all of the fun (free) activities of the weekend thereby justifying said shoe habit. I do promise to share pics of the latest shoe acquisition soon, but the "problem" is only 3 pairs have arrived with the last 2 still in transit, so the the project would just seem incomplete. Well that and the fact that 1 of the first 3 pairs gave me agonizing blisters over the weekend so I'm a little tilted on my opinion of them right now. Freaking heeled mary jane's with the perfect amount of toe cleavage leaving me bloodied in the middle of a pumpkin patch. But they're so damn adorable... Maybe I'll just dye them red.


Misty said...

Every good thing takes some getting use to. (must be an old proverb or something)

Anonymous said...

I think I was 13 when the dude pulling my hiar through a cap with a crochet hook so that I could have blonde "highlights" told me I would have to suffer to be beautiful! I'm convinced we need more female shoe designers who actually wear their stuff to end the blisters etc! PC

Los Cazadores said...

OMG, did you just write "toe cleavage" - that totally cracks me up!

Ashton is too cool if gets Bill Maher's jokes!


Stacie said...

First - Ashton watching Bill Maher - warms my heart.
Second - Toe Cleavage is so awesome.
Third - That is the most beautiful pumpkin patch I've ever seen. Ever.

Gregg & Megan DeZutti said...

1 word -- Aerosoles.
Super cute shoes, reasonably priced, very, very comfortable. I think I could do the Breast Cancer walk this year in the pair I'm currently wearing at work.
No -- I don't work for them, but my husband jokes I should buy their stock.