September 25, 2008

A Smile And A Wave

Yesterday: Another nice almost-7AM wake up time (6:50 this time, but I'll take it) followed by oatmeal, Legos, a few stories, and a few cappuccinos. And then we dropped him off at daycare and set him down in the toddler room and signed him in - nothing new. But then we got ready to leave and instead of a big hug and a quick cry our little darling was already sitting at the craft table waving goodbye to us with a smile on his face. And then he went about starting the day's craft project without a second thought. A smile and a wave and we were on our way to work.

Then last night we spent time running around in the yard and completing the evening routine, only with the babysitter watching on so that she could do this herself the next time we go out. We put him to bed, made sure the babysitter could sign on to our wireless network so she could do homework while we went on a date, and then we left for the evening. This may all sound like a normal par for the course day to experienced parents out there, but it was freaking surreal for us. We felt like a somewhat functional routine driven family of 3. It was weird. I want it to happen again next Thursday.

Today: He slept until 7:30. Enough said.

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Annie said...

the smile and the wave...oh, he's getting to be such a big boy!

SOOOO, how was your date night???details, we want details; well, maybe not too many ;) Did you have your lovely glass of wine?