September 6, 2008

Life Is...

Bringing my baby to school. He loves it, is the youngest and by far the smallest, but no doubt the most keen. This kid is smart. He gets "it" and though I miss my days with him to be honest, I wasn't very good at it - and we're all loving our new "how was your day what did you do at school wow lets catch up over a fun dinner" kind of attitude. It rocks.

Becoming a Giants fan. This sentence isn't one easily written... we're die hard Vikings fans TO THE CORE... till this season. We brought Ash to the Giant's opener at our local Irish watering hole on Thursday night and he cheered and ate wings. Well, for the most part he wined a little about being kept out so late and really didn't enjoy the food... but still firmly aligned himself with the NY Giants as A FAN. (helps that the local pub owner has a daughter with a child just about Ash's age who LOVES him so we can converse about "baby in a bar" stories...but it's the hippie version so trust me, this is all in good fun.)

This week also uncovered the fact that any attempt to work while engaging a 1 year old will ultimately, and OBVIOUSLY in your face fail. Ashton enjoyed a 1.5 hour bath time on Friday just before I called his daycare providers and locked him in full time. We were hoping to sort out a schedule of part time/tag team style daycare, which we quickly figured out is just not possible. Bye bye bath time colors and toys, hello structured (yet so much more fun) daycare loveliness.

And last but not least, I'm going to dress Ash in these pants until they're so tattered they wont stay on. He was the ultimate hit at the Hudson Valley Food and Wine fest today (at the Dutches County Fairgrounds) and then solidified his rein as NY's finest cutie later on. We're so, so, so, so, unbelievably lucky.


We're figuring it out, slowly but surely. There's just so much to learn.


Anonymous said...

You're having fun as you learn, how lucky . Howe cool is that? I miss you all so much! Mom C

stephanie said...

I'm right with you on the so much to learn thing. I'm still searching for that one book that teaches it all.

And those pants are to die for. Rock on with his bad self.