September 13, 2008

My Attempt At Solving World Peace (because I heard it's easier than solving toddler tantrums...)

Someone MUST know how to do this - and WHY haven't they written a book letting the rest of us in on all of their dirty secrets for making parenting work? Well as it turns out they have, we've read them, and they suck. So back to square one. Our perfect little 15 month old has turned into a 16 month old which seems to mean a complete disregard for all habits and "norms" leading up to this date. I put "norms" in quotes because one must remember that although my son is 16 months old, I've been a practicing parent for a mere 3 months. So any parents out there with a desire to wag your finger at me saying "16 months is SOOOO much easier than 1 month, or 3 months, or...etc" please pack that finger back in your toddler's nose. (Which, as a side note, we've had to do ridiculously often lately as well. At what point will he start going through less than 3 boxes of Kleenex a week?) Maybe 16 months would be easy had we been building our relationship and norms for that entire 16 months. But we haven't, its been just over 3 months, and norms are still very much so on their way to being built. So there.

As you might have already guessed we're experiencing some, well, changes in Ashton's behavior. Particularly when it comes to behaving. And particularly when it comes to behaving during meal times. I just want my child to scrumptiously yet delicately lick his fingers in delight post delicious meal and smile at the chef in a heartwarming manner that lands us a free desert. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so. So, we're employing all of the tactics and holding our breath that our dear sweet child will return to his culinary ways...soon. Really God, SOON. Please God? Soon?

So, what does a family accustomed to dining out yet TEMPORARILY faced with behavior issues do on a Saturday? Go to the orchards!!!

We live in apple picking country so today we picked apples. And rode a cow train. And took a hayride. And rode John Deere tricycles. And wandered through a corn maze. And wore ourselves out so there was no possible way that dinner could include a meltdown...and now it's almost time for bed.

Thank the freaking Gods we made it. I'm bald and Mike's crying in a corner but the blessed babe is fed and asleep and we're all still alive to tell the tale of another day. A really freaking awesome day.


Annie said...

oh, can I take Maya there, too??HOW FUN!!!

Remember, you're doing GREAT!! (I am over here laughing so I can relate...and she is only 6 months or 9-10 months...whatever the dr. determines;)...we are in the screeching out of excitement in restaurants phase...yes, at times, hair pulling, most of the time exhausting, but still oh, so wonderful!!!

stephanie said...

Heh, this was really funny. I think it's around the "been with us" for three month stage that I noticed a big behavioral change too. I give you credit for still dining out. We have succumbed to dining with the elderly folk around 4pm, just in case some "issues" arise.

You make me want to live in apple picking country.


Stacie said...

Micah went through a rough time (well, rough for us) around that time too - I think it was around 15 months that I ordered a boatload of books from amazon and have since donated them to Goodwill. :) It gets better. And then it will get worse again. But then it gets better again! (I'm so helpful, I know :)

Amanda and Andrew said...

Beautiful pictures-and if one looks only at photos, such a happy post! ha.

But, I have yet to experience a tantrum and I don't even DARE say I expect to avoid them altogether by adopting 2 older kids.

No, I anticipate tantrums, just larger ones that earn larger glares of distaste from strangers.

This is one of the costs of parenting. There are many joys. I suppose, in the end, the joys outweight the costs. I'd say try to focus on that, but I can't imagine that's easy while trying to get your son to eat.

Good luck!

anna and ben said...

we've been going through it with the girls, and have noticed a real upturn since we decided to let them feed themselves. they practice with the spoon, but are great at finger foods. also we never give them options. they eat what's in front of them or don't (hilina only wants fruit!) eat. she may skip a meal (we supplement that meal with extra milk) but she never skips two because she gets so hungry. maybe this helps?
i really hope we can come up for apple picking this fall, it sounds like so much fun! do you live near a train station?

Janelle said...

OK... so I am trying to hold back the laughter. Not at you... but with you :-) You are laughing by now right????

I am so glad you found a way to salvage the day, and it sure looks from the pictures that a good time was had by all of you!

There are still many nights when we just can't wait until 8pm, we run down the stairs, collapse on the couch and look at each othe and say, "wow, I can't believe we made it through today." Yet go figure... by morning I can't wait for those adorable little ones to come jumping into bed with me because I allready miss them! I think God intentionally provided each parent with short term memory loss... giving us the ability to get a good nights sleep, forget the "adventures" of the previous day, and start fresh! And the magic key..... there is none :-)!!! Just when you think you have it... it changes! Good luck! You are all in my thoughts today!

Los Cazadores said...

Apples, corn stalks and hay rides sound so ultra lovely right now. Those pics are great and Ashton Wondemu could not be a bit cuter. Love to follow your parenting experience...