February 27, 2009

Fav Foto Friday

Just the boys jamming with their ukuleles. There will be more uke jamming tonight when we get together with Baby Edie and her parents, who's daddy is a huge uke rock star and may even teach Ash and his daddy a few new tunes. Then we head to the "Uncle Rock" concert at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) tomorrow, they're hosting their annual BAMkids Film Festival where there's certain to be some serious rocking. And what better way to wrap up a weekend than to celebrate his best bud Owen's 2 year birthday party! It will be his first time going to a kid birthday party and he is psyched to say the least. The only thing that could possibly make this weekend better would be if Monday was a national holiday and everyone had the day off... On a smiley note our court date for Ash's readoption is one week from today and our trip to Spain is a mere 5 weeks away, so March and April are definitely shaping up to be two exciting months. Yee haw and bring it on!

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