June 26, 2009


Many have been commenting lately that Ash looks like he's grown so we stood him up to his growth chart and took a look. Indeed he has sprouted a full inch past his two year measurement of 34 inches and is now a solid 35! This is huge progress for one reason only: he is now just one tiny inch away from being able to ride the big boy rides at the amusement park! Not to be mistaken though, we fully intend to fluff the fro extra high at the parks this summer and take the suggestion of a friend and pack his sneakers with rice krispies treats to get that last inch. 36 wont be a problem at all, trust me. Ever since our day at Port Aventura in Spain last spring Ash has sought daredevil adventures, and it just so happens that this summer we're going to find ourselves nearby to several good 'ol fashioned amusement and water parks where we can now be certain he'll get his thrill fill. Hip hip hooray for growth spurts just in time - now this means he's going to start sleeping past 6AM too right? And craving asparagus?


stephanie said...

Rice Krispie treats in the sneakers - Great idea! Can't wait until our get together and we can watch these two daredevils in action.

Katy said...

Amen to RIP MJ. And the video is incredibly enjoyable to watch. I used to long for the days when I could dance and sing with my kids and now it's here! Isn't it just so amazing. Ash's moonwalk is pretty good, but his "baby-bird" dance (what we call the arm flapping moves) is bomb.