June 7, 2009

The Sequel

I know we should prepare ourselves for many many sequels to the Scary Wavy Woman moment, but truth be told they come in so many different shapes and sizes I'm not sure which ones should be tagged as sequels and which are just newer versions of good 'ol fashioned crazy. We're happily exposed to a decent dose of life between our time spent in the village and in the city, and the most recent exposure (Scary Wavy Woman Does Brooklyn, if you will) shall take the name Scary Photo Woman.

While enjoying a ridiculously beautiful weekend in the city we, along with 11 million of our closest NYC pals, headed to the parks. Sure, one of the parks had a sign outside that read "Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden" and we just happened to be there to celebrate a dear friend's 30th/recent engagement with some pitchers and cookies, but it's outdoors and there are trees so it's technically a park, right? And sure another came in the form of a Rock Band party in celebration of a dear friend's 31st but they have indoor plants and Ash's BFF so I'd call that a park beyond a shadow of a doubt. And so as not to disappoint, there were some by-the-book park visits in there too. One with the gorgeous Baby Edie that ended with a naked 2 year old flashing Brooklyn's finest, and yet another back in the village where Ash seems to have found a village partner in crime who just happens to have some pretty cool parents to boot (no worries Owen, we'll hold true to our BFF prenup and reserve our best smiles, biggest hugs, and raging parties I mean totally appropriate for two year old birthday celebrations...for you!).

And then there's the other park experience that happened over the weekend. Scary Wavy Woman, The Sequel...

This one's actually pretty short and sweet. We were at the local Brooklyn playground enjoying the farmers market, swings, slides, running, jumping and all that is toddler freedom. Ash made some new friends while their parents pondered how to approach us (Is she the nanny? Are they the aunt/uncle? Could they be the superhero adoptive parents sent from God to save the heathens? Love that one, but don't pull it off so well...). All while we stood back and soaked in the sun, embracing the moments when we'd make contact with the set of parents who don't even question our parent status to Ash and just engage in regular 'ol "I'm a parent of a toddler, HELP PLEASE!" playground banter. When all of a sudden we notice Ash running up one of the ramps, on his way to fling himself over a railing or jump off of a ladder, nothing in and of itself out of the ordinary. But there's this woman, this innocent grandmotherly looking woman following him around with a camera. She's taking pictures of him, and not just one "he's so cute, just had to take it" shot (not that that would be anymore ok) but multiple shutter releases took place and each one brought her closer and closer to him. Um, freaky? Let's just say she was the recipient of a not-so-pleased mommy look (and I used to be an 8th grade math teacher, so trust me, I have MASTERED "The Look") and she retreated quickly. Scary Wavy Woman meet Scary Picture Woman. You'd be great pals, I'm sure of it.

Enjoying a new tea set while daddy packs for the city weekend

He loves being a Brooklyn Boy

Cuban happy hour anyone?

Our daddy's are in the other room pretending to be rock stars while we sit here like perfect little angels eating our dinner...

Some Baby Edie love

Water mommy? Pleeeeeeeease...

Back in the village, a rock star and Crazy Photo Woman weekend behind us. Grill + garlic + two 2 year olds tweaked out on chocolate cake = delicious


Jill said...

LOVE it!! That second from the last picture is PRICELESS! I don't know what is cuter, the look on his face or the jeans all rolled up.

I had an interesting incident with a lady yesterday...she kept looking at Mari and then me and back and forth with a strange look on her face. Then she said..."I probably shouldn't ask you this but...." (Oh course, you know what is going through my head). She continued, "I smell something, would you mind checking her pants." WHAT??? NOT what I was expecting...maybe I should stop thinking the worst. But then again, Mari was sitting ON my lap...her pullup was dry - I felt like telling that woman to go check her own pants. Weird!

Meg DeZutti said...

HI, I'm an idiot. I read the title and my brain said "squeal" so I kept waiting for a tale about Ash in a library whaling away, or something of that sort. Only when I went back to the SWW link, did it all start to make sense.
Guess at T minus 12 days, my brain doesn't work so well!

Cloverland Farm said...

sounds like an awesome weekend, sans weird lady w/ camera! glad you are having summer fun!!! still waiting in williamsburg... :)

Anonymous said...

Some great shots and a fun weekend. Wow you're my kinda people, you really get around!! Love M