June 25, 2009

Chocolate Milk Round Two

New rule: No more store bought chocolate milk. I'm beginning to think that all of the store bought (aka, loaded with sugar) chocolate milk Ash has been drinking lately might just be contributing to some of the less than ideal attitude he's been giving us glimpses of as well as the inching up of his wake up time. First 7:00, then 6:45, then 6:15 and 5:55, and then this mornings oh so lovely WIDE AWAKE at 5:30 moment which was just thrilling. Prior to about a week ago the only chocolate milk we were giving him was the homemade kind, mostly 2% milk with just a teaspoon or so of Hershey's sugar free chocolate syrup. But then we spent a long weekend at the Brooklyn apartment, followed by multiple evenings out this week all of which resulted in purchases of chocolate milk anytime we passed a Starbucks, sat down at a restaurant, well, you get the idea. Its just no coincidence that the behavior and sleep patterns started to change just about the time his daily sugar intake quadrupled.

So we're back to being the chocolate Gestapo which means back to the 1 teaspoon of sugar free Hershey's syrup in his evening milk and 60 calorie sugar free chocolate pudding for the after school snack. After a few short whimpers he got the picture today and seems to be on board with the new plan. I'm not planning on completely nixing chocolate, I mean come on, it's not BAD it's just not great in large doses and can even be completely ok when of the sugar free variety. So that's the new plan, sure to be replaced sometime relatively soon with an even newer surely better plan, and then eventually replaced with an entirely different plan when he decides he hates chocolate and wants to eat strawberry ice cream all day long. So tell me, at what point is he going to start craving asparagus? Maybe if I dip it in sugar free Hershey's chocolate syrup first...

A happy boy with his 60 calorie sugar free chocolate snack.
Mommy = 1, Chocolate = 0!

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stephanie said...

Ash and I enjoy the same pudding treat. I couldn't tell you when they start craving asparagus (I wonder if it would make their pee smell funny too). We are on a banana kick over here. I simply cannot buy enough bananas. Seriously, he will not eat a bite of anything until he has a banana appetizer. Crazy.