June 23, 2009

Chocolate Milk

That's the new obsession, chocolate milk. He used to run to the counters at coffee shops and grab a juice box of apple juice, orange juice, yellow juice (lemonade), but those days are so over. Now its directly to the $2.50 organic Horizon chocolate milk. Only tonight he got confused. We were on our way to the park to fly a kite (first day with no rain in a looooooong time) and stopped at the coffee shop for some beverages. I thought it a little odd when Ash selected the apple juice instead of the chocolate milk, but decided to run with it and made the purchase. About 50 feet from the coffee shop he promptly changed his mind and thus ensued a 2 hour crabby whine fest of "no want it apple juice, want it chocolate milk!" It was fun.

So much fun that we got to drag him from the park to the car (no kite flying for us today), from the car to the grocery store (where of course we ran in to more acquaintances than usual, God forbid we stay under the radar when the tot's pitching a fit...), and from the grocery store to home where we finally put him in bed, turned off the lights, and said night night. At 6:30. About 3-4 minutes later I opened his door and he (without prompting) hugged my legs and said "sorry mommy" in the worlds most perfectly adorable voice. And then he asked for chocolate milk. What's a mom to do? If I denied him his one earthly pleasure yet again there's no way he would understand WHY mommy was being a bitch mean person because we were definitely far enough removed from the original scenario for him to connect 2 hours earlier at the coffee shop with 2 hours later at home AFTER he had apologized and been all cute. Needless to say the boy got his milk. His chocolate milk, to be exact.

And then the rest of the evening happened. The part where daddy slathered spicy saucy BBQ sauce on the chicken on the grill. The part where the 3 of us sat on the swings on the playset and pointed to each of the farm animals across the street, calling them by name. The part where Ash drew me a picture of a motorcycle at his new art table and then kissed me goodnight on his way up to read stories with daddy. When that kind of an evening happens I'm left thinking to myself - why the hell didn't I just give the boy his chocolate milk? Oh yeah. Mommy power, must preserve the mommy power. Oh, and try to keep the boy from becoming a spoiled demanding peapod. Or something like that...

The boys in all their cuteness


Jill said...

Sounds so familiar. I'm not even sure what tonight's meltdown was about but I'm sure it wasn't worth 90 minutes of pure screaming torture. And then, all things forgiven, a snuggle with Mommy and some books and absolutely adorable before going to bed. Ahhhh....the joys of 2-ness. Glad to hear that I'm not alone. :)

Amanda and Co. said...

Isn't parenthood awesome?! :)

I don't think it's just a "terrible 2" thing either. Ours are 6ish and 8ish and we still have these issues. Though, I am the bit...I mean... mean mom who doesn't give in.

I still get a snuggle after all's said and done.

For what it's worth-I'd throw a fit if I confused apple juice with chocolate milk too. Cute pictures!

Gamma! said...

Dr Spock would be proud of you :). Next time remember the chocolate milk ...of course be prepared for him to change his mind. He's 2 ... Its ok :) and 28 years from now all he'll remember are the hygs and story time. Have a great day - and go fly a kite tonight :)

stephanie said...

It's so nice to know that I'm not the only sucker around. Love his new art table and I can picture the three of you on the swings calling out the animals. Super-duper sweet.