June 18, 2009


Ash's vocabulary has been exploding lately (as long as it's only mommy and daddy listening, he's developed a bit of a shy streak) and one of his favorite words is "yours". He'll point to my cereal in the morning and pronounce a long drawn out "yooooourrrrs??" and look at me with is adorable tilted head, and of course I respond "yes, mine!" But then when I return the gesture and point to his bowl and say "yours?" he then responds "NO MINE!" So I'm not 100% sure if he gets that the word yours can be used to express ownership of any one person or if he just thinks yours means mommy's. It'll eventually sort itself out, but it's cute for the meantime.

Then today he added the word "puddle" to his frequently used list. Up until now when we'd go puddle jumping he would just point and say "WATER!!!" and then run through it, always in his sneakers because GOD FORBID he actually wear his rainboots when there are puddles outside. Until today - today we both wore our rainboots and we went puddle hunting (it's monsoon season in NY) and let's just say he got plenty of practice using the word puddle. At one point we actually stopped 4 lanes of Brooklyn traffic because two men in two different cars had to stop their vehicles, get out, and watch as the worlds most adorable two year old ran back and forth, back and forth, dragging mommy behind him, as he hopped drop dead center into each and every puddle on the street. Don't worry, we definitely had the right of way and the two cars initially had red lights, but let's just say they didn't care when the lights turned green which initiated a good 'ol Brooklyn honk fest by all the cabbies waiting behind them. If only they too could've seen the cuteness happening that was causing all the commotion... well, they probably still would've laid on their horns for 3 solid minutes, after all it is NYC where a life without honking would be just plain weird.

Ash doesn't know it yet, but he has less than 2 weeks with the horses and goats and chickens living across the street. I suppose that means in about 2 weeks he'll be adding "therapy" to his vocabulary and be making frequent requests. I have no idea how we're going to break this one to him, those farm animals and their darling mother and daughter duo are some of his most favorite things in the world. So, if I post about buying a horse in the near future you'll know therapy failed and we caved. Maybe it could live in the garden?


Gamma! said...

Thank uou for ending my night perfectly...a glass of zin, foot out of its boot, in each in their respective window sill and eading your story of the day - oriceless. And now I can go to sleep ...as soon as I find out how many goals Kayla made at her soccer game! Sleep tight!

Emily said...

My four year old is a super puddle jumper too and now wears his boots almost every day, just in case : )

stephanie said...

What a great story! You just don't know how I now yearn to see Ash puddle jump! Could ya be a lamb and get some on video next time, mkay?