June 3, 2009

Seeing You

This time last year a picture became real, an image of a little boy became human, touchable. We didn't just see you, we touched and held and hugged you. You've been in our arms for 12 glorious months, still 1 month shy of the 13 months you knew before us. We're still not quite yet to the "we've been together longer than..." stage. And I'm happy about that. Quite honestly I'm going to be sad next month when your time with us will be longer than your time in Ethiopia. It's a part of your life that I cherish beyond beyond and will not celebrate coming to an end. A while back I was looking forward to finally being able to say that you've been with us the longest, that we're your new majority. But I'm not feeling that anymore, now that it's close. Seeing you changed everything, meeting you stopped me dead in my tracks, and now knowing you has brought a new appreciation for each and every breath of every single day.

For a quick trip down memory lane via our trip to Ethiopia and first days home check out our JUNE ARCHIVE. Wow.


Amanda and Co. said...

Jo, your last sentences brought me to tears. I know what you mean. Now that we have the children home, I hate that they're losing their language, culture and memories of Ethiopia. While I love that they're home, I wish I could hold on to this forever.

It's so different when they're real children with real histories and not just ideas in our head.

Thank you for sharing this.

Julie said...

So beautiful. You are such a thoughtful mommy.

stephanie said...

Oh happy day. I totally get what you wrote about the longer time in Ethiopia part. Makes me sad, too.

And again, your writing gives me goosebumps.

julie said...

Wow Jo, this made me cry! I love you guys!

Annie said...

Happy Forever Family Day :) (a day late)

It is amazing how much our lives have changed...been enriched like never before by our sweet babes. SO glad we had the opportunity to meet last year at the most incredible time of our lives.