July 8, 2009

Just Another Night

When Ash wants to ride his bike he lets nothing stand in his way!
Off he goes...

Balance bikes are the greatest, he's going to go directly from balance bike to a bike without training wheels because of this beautiful invention.

The two toddler swings that came with our play set aren't exactly getting much use. Nope, we're all about swinging at mach 3 and doing flips over the slide.

Not shown: A family of 3 lying knackered on the couch after the evenings activities watching Little Einsteins. 1 sippy cup of apple juice, 2 glasses of Sangiovese, 2 cats nestled in to various laps, and 3 gigantic smiles.


Lindsey said...

How adorable!

Brooke said...

That bike is so COOL!