July 21, 2009

Wordy Wednesday & Secret Ninja Family Dreams

Wordy Wednesday:
"Mommy Daddy Ashton outsiiiiiide?"
"Daddy! Bike! Nooooow!"
"Mommy NO! Owen's mommy's pasta!"
"Morning, morning, morning, time to rise and shine."
"Ashton's bed?" (We tend to go back and forth from city to village and travel a bit, so he's gotten in a groove of making sure he knows which bed is his depending on where we are. Love it.)
"Gramma pleeeeeease" (He figured out that one last week...)
"More sausage please" (The boy could live on spicy sausage, apple juice, and edamame.)

Secret Ninja Family Dreams:
He has also mastered all of the lyrics to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Bouncing Aroung the Room (Phish), the latter of which may come in handy when he accompanies us to his first Phish concert in Saratoga in August.

One of the first mentions of children between Mike and I was at a Phish concert in high school, and then again while at another Phish concert in college (and then again at a few more...) when we looked on longingly at all of the families enjoying the shows together. Well folks, it's time. Phish is coming to NY and our tent is ready and Ash has the bouncing part down pat. Secret Ninja Family Dream #104 is about to be realized. Thanks to this blog I imagine Secret Ninja Family Dreams #1-103 will eventually be unveiled, but right now #105 is in the works and I have planning to do...

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Carol McG said...

Obviously he knows the words to the important things in life. Wonder if he knows "What's inside this big green pointy thing?" The picture says it all, so maybe words are not necessary.