July 22, 2009

The Daily Return

I often wonder if putting our lives out there to be judged publicly on the Internet is a wise decision. But then I'm quickly met with the reality that we're being judged daily (both in and outside of the Internet) regardless of what we post, so why not drum up a band of supporters even if it means potentially adding to the list of judgmental whoopits. So, this is a general shout out to everyone who contributes to the daily return. Those who consistently remind us that there is an amazing community of people, a fabulous source of happiness, a daily reminder that not everyone out there thinks that life as it should be isn't possible. Thank you for your persistence, your love, and your anti-whoopitness. It is genuinely appreciated, promise.


Amanda and Co. said...


Gamma! said...

Good morning! And thanks for giving me something to look forward to every morning! I love you all, gamma/mom

Shannon- said...

whoot whoot!!