July 29, 2009

On A Swingset Far Far Away

Lived a little boy and his family, and their two cats and lots of mosquitoes

But then one day (or every day...) it rained

So the boy donned his favorite pair of rain boots and ditched the t-shirt

And ran and jumped and played for hours

And the boy was happy

And then the sun came out!

And the boy quickly replaced the puddles with the swings

Of the indoor and outdoor kind

And again, the boy was happy

The End


Jill said...

Awesome story! Can't wait to read it to Mari tonight...when she begs for her Ass-ton pictures, now I can read her a story. I wish it would rain here without the thunder and lightening so we could go out and run out.

Lindsey said...

Loved the story!

kristine said...

loved this! Thanks.

Cloverland Farm said...

love! and the thunder rolls in bklyn as i type!

stephanie said...

This was so awesome and I wish I had a better word other than awesome because that's how awesome it is.

CANNOT wait to meet!!

Missy said...

That was precious!!! GREAT pics!!